The Course

Race Course

Inner Harbor Distance Race

10K (2500m laps x 4 laps) and 5k for beginners and novices

  • 10k inner-harbor race and a simultaneous 5k for novice and beginners  –  for all classes of craft.

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  • 250m relay races for each individual class.
  • 150 meter knockoffs for each individual class.

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Kayak, Canoe, Outrigger, SUP, Sea Kayak and other Boats

  • Bantam (born 2003-2004 & younger)
  • Juvie (born 2001-2002)
  • Junior (born 1999-2000)
  • Senior (born 1998 & older)
  • Master (born 1986 & older)


  • Men’s open
  • Women’s open