The Courses

Race Courses

Inner Harbor Distance Races:

10K (2500m x 4 laps) and 5K (2500m x 2 laps) and 2.5k (2500m x 1 lap)

  1. 2.5k inner harbor race for ages 13 and under, new paddlers, and adults over 60 – for all classes of craft (individual, no doubles)
  2. 10k inner-harbor race and a simultaneous 5k for novice and beginners  –  for all classes of craft.

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  • 100 meter knockoffs for each individual class.

Paddlers Cup Sprint Course


Kayak, Sprint-Kayak, Canoe, Sprint-Canoe, Outrigger, Surfski, SUP, Prone, and other Boats

  • Bantam (age 13 and under as of Jan 1st 2022)
  • Juvie (age 14-15 as of Jan 1st 2022)
  • Junior (age 16-17 as of Jan 1st 2022)
  • Senior (age 18-29 as of Jan 1st 2022)
  • Master (age 30 and above as of Jan 1st 2022)

Para Athlete

  • Men’s open
  • Women’s open

Sunday Exhibition SUP Technical Races:

1000 meters with 8 buoy turns and up to 8 paddlers on the course at a time. Each division will race the course up to 3 times with points for the overall winners.

This brings the excitement of board to board racing as paddlers jockey for position from one buoy to the next with a sprint to the finish line.

Based on ICF rules and guidelines for SUP Technical Course races.

Divisions: Junior, Open, Masters.

SUP Board Divisions: 12’6”, 14’ and Unlimited to be determined by registration.