2018 Paddlers Cup Results:

Cross Narrows & Inner Harbor 10k/5k Results – Click Here*

*Please note that the 2018 Cross Narrows Challenge was run on an alternate inclement-weather 10k course inside Gig Harbor Bay.

Sprint Knock-Off Results:

Women’s Sprint Canoe
1st Nevin Harrison (SCKC)
2nd Andreea Ghizila (Cascade)
3rd Sarah Grady (GHCKRT)
Men’s Sprint Canoe
1st Kenny Kasperbauer (GHCKRT)
2nd Andrew Field (GHCKRT)
3rd Ryan Grady (GHCKRT)
Women’s Sprint Kayak
1st Elena Wolgamot (BCKCT)
2nd Frankie Kelly (GHCKRT)
3rd Trisha Martinson (GHCKRT)
Men’s Sprint Kayak
1st Kyle Field (GHCKRT)
2nd Chauncy Bevin (GHCKRT)
3rd Ryan Wurts (Keystone)

Dragon Boat Results:

A Final
Finish Place Team Time Lane
1st JBLM – 201st EMIB 57.76 3
2nd Windermere Professional Partners 58.09 2
3rd Hanger Clinic 1.00.58 1
B Final
Finish Place Team Time Lane
4th Rotary Club of Gig Harbor 57.94 3
5th Anthony’s Gig Harbor 59.71 1
6th Rush Companies 59.85 2
C Final
Finish Place Team Time Lane
7th Pierce Transit 1.02.50 3
8th Greater Gig Harbor Foundation 1.02.51 1
9th Hawkins-Poe Real Estate Services 1.05.38 2
CHI Franciscan/St. Anthony DNS


2017 Paddlers Cup Results:

10k Race Results

5k Race Results

100 Meter Sprint Knock Off Results

Dragon Boat Results:

  1. JBLM – 201st E-MIB (55.33)
  2. Greater Gig Harbor Foundation (60.32)
  3. Rotary (62.30)
  4. Windermere Professional Partners (62.48)
  5. Pierce Transit (67.78)

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